Book Title: Gay Shame
Description: Ever since the 1969 Stonewall Riots, “gay pride” has been the rallying cry of the gay rights movement and the political force behind the emergence of the field of lesbian and gay studies. But has something been lost, forgotten, or buried beneath the drive to transform homosexuality from a perversion to a proud social identity? Have the political requirements of gay pride repressed discussion of the more uncomfortable or undignified aspects of homosexuality?
Gay Shame seeks to lift this unofficial ban on the investigation of homosexuality and shame by presenting critical work from the most vibrant frontier in contemporary queer studies. An esteemed list of contributors tackles a range of issues—questions of emotion, disreputable sexual histories, dissident gender identitie...
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Publisher(s): University of Chicago Press
Publish Date: 2009
Book Pages: 395
Industry Identifier: ISBN_10: 0226314383
Subjects: Social Science / General • Social Science / LGBT Studies / Gay Studies • Social Science / LGBT Studies / Lesbian Studies • Social Science / Gender Studies
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