Description: Bringing together forty-two groundbreaking essays--many of them already classics-- The Lesbian and Gay Studies Reader provides a much-needed introduction to the contemporary state of lesbian/gay studies, extensively illustrating the range, scope, diversity, appeal, and power of the work currently being done in the field. Featuring essays by such prominent scholars as Judith Butler, John D'Emilio, Kobena Mercer, Adrienne Rich, Gayle Rubin, and Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, The Lesbian and Gay Studies Reader explores a multitude of sexual, ethnic, racial, and socio-economic experiences.

Ranging across disciplines including history, literature, critical theory, cultural studies, African American studies, ethnic studies, sociology, anthropology, psychology, classics, and philosophy, this ant...
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Author(s): BARALE
Publisher(s): Psychology Press
Publish Date: 1993
Book Pages: 666
Industry Identifier: ISBN_10: 0415905192
Subjects: Social Science / LGBT Studies / Gay Studies • Social Science / LGBT Studies / Lesbian Studies
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