In 1969, when lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people first participated as a group in the political process, they faced an imposing array of obstacles. Everything from personal rejection and violence; state anti-sodomy laws; exclusion from the armed forces; and legal discrimination in employment, housing, credit, consumer service, and public accommodations.

Nevertheless, by the end of the millennium, LGBT people had transformed themselves into a well-organized and begrudgingly respected political force. In the process, they dramatically changed laws and attitudes across the nation. This new volume tells the story of the rapid growth and remarkable successes of the LGBT movement--a record that makes it one of the most successful social movements in U.S. histor...

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Publisher(s): ABC-CLIO
Publish Date: 2002
Book Pages: 339
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Subjects: History / Reference • Political Science / Political Process / General • Social Science / LGBT Studies / Gay Studies • Social Science / LGBT Studies / Lesbian Studies
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