This insightful new work deals with all of the contemporary issues concerning parenting by gay men and lesbians. It is designed to broaden readers' thinking on homosexuality and homosexuals in general; to include the dimension of children and parenting within the context of the homosexual family; and to provide specific information about it. The book also includes data on the children of gay and lesbian parents, as well as a discussion of alternative forms of parenthood such as adoptive and foster parenthood, stepparent families, and gay men and lesbians in heterosexual family unions. Because of their special significance, there are separate chapters on legal issues, counseling needs, and social psychological concerns for gays and lesbians considering parenthood.

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Publisher(s): Greenwood Publishing Group
Publish Date: 1987
Book Pages: 247
Industry Identifier: ISBN_10: 0275925412
Subjects: Family & Relationships / Parenting / General • Social Science / LGBT Studies / Gay Studies • Social Science / LGBT Studies / Lesbian Studies
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